The Relationship Between Anti-terrorism and Human Rights Protection: An Analysis from the Perspective of International Politics
June 10,2015   By:CSHRS
The Relationship Between Anti-terrorism and Human Rights Protection:
An Analysis from the Perspective of International Politics
Qian Xuemei*
Abstract: This article briefly outlines how anti-terrorism struggles became linked and their relationship thereafter with human rights issues in international political life. With equal relevance and value to human development, anti-terrorism efforts and human rights protection are themselves not mutually exclusive or contradictory. Their conflict in everyday life has sometimes resulted from the fact that they are both manipulated in the service of certain political ends. What’s more, there has never been perfect human rights protection in the world so far, which often makes human rights problems an easy charge against almost every government. No anti-terrorist activities in either the US or Europe have been really constrained by the idea of human rights no matter how beautiful their rhetoric has been. Now both human rights and anti-terrorism have been made into a tool of diplomacy and international politics. With the war in Afghanistan over, the United States is enhancing its human rights diplomacy together with its anti-terrorism diplomacy. Truly efficient, comprehensive international cooperation on anti-terrorism is still far away.
Key Words: anti-terrorism    human rights    international politics
In recent years, the relation between the fight against terrorism and human rights protection has become a focus in international politics. Two opposing views are rather eye-catching among all the claims. One asserts that some aspects of human rights must be restricted for the sake of anti-terrorism while the other view emphasizes that human rights should prevail above all and should never be weakened in the name of anti-terrorism. Such a debate is now gradually showing its impact on the political practices of relevant countries and playing a role in establishing international conventions related to the practice of anti-terrorism. This article explores how anti-terrorism struggles are linked with human rights protection, the origin of this linkage and its possible influence from the perspective of international political practice. 
I. The relationship between anti-terrorism and human rights has already become an international political topic.
Human rights protection is a fundamental principle of the Charter of the United Nations(UN). Various special institutions have been established under the UN and other international organizations to protect human rights. Despite their differences in history, culture, governmental form and development, all countries have promised to protect human rights with one accord. At the same time, taking human rights protection practices and establishing standards there from has been an important stage in international politics for half a century. Countries like the U.S. are rather active in promoting human rights diplomacy. Since the end of the Cold War, the term “human rights” has become a key word in international affairs. Humanitarian intervention in regions like Timor-Leste and Kosovo has become a typical practice. 
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