Anti-terrorism and Human Rights Protection: Africa in Perspective
June 18,2015   By:CSHRS
Anti-terrorism and Human Rights Protection: 
Africa in Perspective
Paul Andrew GWAZA*
Abstract: The relation between Anti-terrorism and human rights Protection is rather complicated. Based on the practices in Africa, this article analyses the conflicts and contradictions between the two. While countering terrorism, governments have to take the duty of human rights protection as well. Rights are of key importance in preventing and countering terrorism. Integrating human rights construction into anti-terrorism mechanism is rather helpful in eliminating various moods of dissatisfaction which are easy to breed terrorism.
Keywords:  Anti-terrorism   Human Rights Protection    Africa
Discourses on anti-terrorism and human rights protection inhere with complexities and contending narratives that are influenced by national and international histories, geographies and cultures.1 This paper seeks to represent and examine these competing narratives within the African context. It prefaces the discussion with conceptual clarification of terrorism, anti-terrorism and human rights, which are franchised not only on exhuming, reviving and resurrecting the ghosts of villains and heroes, but inspired and determined to hold sway over their respective turfs. The tendencies to impose immoderate standpoints in the propagation of these positions have led to the phenomenal surge in the analysis of the connections between human rights and anti-terrorism. While national and global engagements and applications of human rights ideals to antithetical phenomena such as terrorism have been obfuscated in contemporary time, consideration must be given to the dynamics that put peace, security and development in the foreground.
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