Legal Protection of the Right to Housing: A Comparative Study of the Mainland and Taiwan
June 19,2015   By:CSHRS
Legal Protection of the Right to Housing: A Comparative Study of the Mainland and Taiwan 
LEE Yungran
Abstract: Protection of the right to housing is necessary for housing justice and satisfies the demand for adequate housing under international human rights conventions. This paper compares legal protections of the housing right in Taiwan and mainland China, highlighting basic principles in Taiwan’s Housing Act and its problems. Taiwan’s legislation may shed light on relevant legislation of mainland China.
Keywords: right to housing, mainland China, Taiwan
I. Preface
To know more about the thoughts of people in Taiwan about the priority that should be given by the Taiwan government to the handling of administration programs, the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission under the Executive Yuan of Taiwan carried out a voting campaign on the Internet in 2009, known as “Ten Popular Discontents.” Results from the survey indicated that the top three discontents among Taiwanese people were: “housing prices in metropolitan areas are excessively high,” “telephone and Internet fraud has run riot” and “it is hard to find jobs and unemployment prevails.” Of all the discontents, “excessively high housing prices” ranked at the top.
The reason for this situation was a higher price-to-income ratio resulting from the fact that housing prices rose too much while wages remained unchanged. In addition, all price statistics were provided by proprietors; thus, the asymmetry in housing information turned the public into a disadvantaged group in terms of information, thus causing opacity in the housing market, which was unfavorable to house buyers.
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