China: An Exemplar in Respecting and Protecting Human Rights
June 24,2015   By:CSHRS
China: An Exemplar in Respecting and Protecting Human Rights
CHEN Shiqiu*
China has developed its own views on human rights and pursued its own path of human rights development in light of the UN Charter principles, its national conditions, and its experience over many years. Human rights in China have scored remarkable achievements. The Chinese perspective on human rights and the Chinese path of human rights development has become a shining example for the whole world.
I.The human rights outlook with Chinese characteristics and China’s human rights undertakings are under the unified leadership of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 
The Party places “respecting and protecting human rights” as its main purpose and goal and has written it into the Party Constitution. 
It proves that the Communist Party of China believes that the goal of the Chinese revolution and construction is highly consistent with the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which both aim at pursuing the full realization of human rights. From the moment of its birth, the goal of the Communist Party of China has been to fight for freedom, justice, democracy and human rights for the Chinese people. These most plain and essential contents remained unchanged. The written language of these contents is keeping pace with the times and has met the needs of different historical stages and different historical periods. With the deepening of China’s reform and development, at the turn of the century, as conflicts in the area of rights, interests and social benefits of the people grow more complex than before, the protection of human rights has been given greater priority in the policy of the Communist Party of China. Regarding its ruling goal and mission, at its 15th National Congress in 1997, the Communist Party of China stated that it attached equal importance to “ensuring that the people enjoy extensive rights and freedoms endowed by law, and respecting and guaranteeing human rights.” It also stated it would “lead and support the people in exercising the power of running the state, holding democratic elections, making policy decisions in a democratic manner, instituting democratic management and supervision.”
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