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February 2015
State Council: intensify the rule of law in the countryside
On February 1, the Central Committee of the CPC (CCCPC) and the State Council printed and distributed the Several Opinions on Accelerating Agricultural Modernization through Intensified Reform and Innovation, which was the 12th No.1 document issued by the central government in the new century to guide work related with “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”. The Several Opinions consists of five parts - working faster to transform the model of agricultural development with the aim for developing modern agriculture; implementing more policies to benefit farmers with the aim for increasing their income; advancing the construction of the new countryside with the aim for integrated urban-rural development; comprehensively deepening rural reform with the aim for invigorating the development of the countryside; and intensifying the rule of law in the countryside with the aim for improving the work on “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”.
From: The Journal of Human Rights
Academic urges rationality on China's human rights
On Feb.2, 2015, a Chinese academic urged Human Rights Watch to be rational over China's human rights record after the latter published its "World Report 2015" last week.
Human Rights Watch turned a blind eye to China's judicial reform to better protect human rights, said Li Daojun, professor of the Research Center for Human Rights of Shandong University. 
He detailed China's achievements in advancing human rights protection through judicial reform in an article entitled "The Human Rights Watch should keep rational."
From: Xinhua 
The 35th Statistical Report on China’s Internet Development issued
On February 3, CNNIC issued the 35th Statistical Report on China’s Internet Development in Beijing, according to which China had 649 million netizens and its internet penetration rate reached 47.9% as of December 2014. China’s internet sector has made considerable progress in terms of overall environment, popularization of internet application and development of hot-spot industries. 
From: The Journal of Human Rights
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