In recent years, Chinese people’s livelihood has been steadily improved. Citizens have enjoyed more extensive civil rights and freedom. Great improvements have been made by enhancing human rights protection system of women, children, seniors, and the disable. Moreover, human rights education training and international exchange have also made obivious achievements. 2014 marked rich fruits of China's human rights.

China's harsher workplace safety law to take effect

China's revised Workplace Safety Law, which imposes harsher punishment on offenders, will take effect Monday.[more..]

China vows rule of law in ethnic affairs

The central government vowed to instil the rule of law in ethnic affairs.The guideline aims to improve the nation's work on ethnic affairs, outlining measures such as promoting economic growth, promoting understanding among different ethnic groups, promoting the consciousness of the community of the Chinese nation, and promoting the rule of law.[more..]

China's social security system improves

Chinese Vice Premier Ma Kai said Tuesday that the national social security system has been basically established, with recent measures expanding and increasing coverage.[more..]

China on track to meet human rights plan goals

China has been working effectively toward goals set by the National Human Rights Action Plan (2012-2015), with most quantitative targets at least half fulfilled in the past two years, a senior official said on Tuesday. [more..]

Supreme Procuratorate issues rules to protect lawyers'rights

China's Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) on Monday released a regulation to better protect lawyers' rights to meet suspects and read case files.[more..]

China Focus: Judicial reform forging ahead

Law graduates in Shanghai are now facing tougher hurdles when pursuing a career as a judge after new policies require they work as a judge or procurator assistant first.[more..]

The 33th China-Europe Dialogue on human rights was held in Brussels

The 33th China-Europe Dialogue on human rights was held in Brussels on December 8th. Both sides exchanged views on human rights values and discussed major issues such as international human rights cooperation and women rights.[more..]

The Second International Seminar on Human Rights and Museology opened in Beijing

The second International Seminar on Human Rights and Museology was opened in Beijing this morning.[more..]